wow — I forgot I have a blog also!

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CRS wow — what other accounts do I have that I have forgotten?  well of course I had it bookmarked but you know – that internets there has lots of de-stractions!  Ok now I am being silly but I wish I would not neglect at least this!  I am going to have to write here more often…  my thoughts about that Jodi Arias trial — wow she really IS crazy, scary crazy.  Those dead eyes…  I swear she must have no soul for real.  Anyways happy Saturday, wake and BAKE!!   Love, Peace and Bacon grease ~~ ℭℭℒ ≥^.^≤ ~~    ॐDBॐ Image

Gov Christie – I dont give a damn

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NJ Gov. Chris Christie- his I dont give a damn little speech on Faux News – watching this made me laugh so hard!  Damn — me LIKE a repub??  The world MUST be coming to an end — or his ass was just FED UP!  Those little puppets at Faux News were horrified by his answer werent they?  They so wanted him to POLITICIZE this horror of a situation and he REFUSED to play their game.  Good on you Chris Christie – GOOD ON YOU!  Obama 2012!!! Use your power and VOTE VOTE VOTE people!!


Testing testing 3-2-1 or is that 1-2-3?

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How about IDGAF???  Just checking to see if this works!!!!!!!!!  Fingers crossed  ॐDBॐ
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Opera Cat

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Opera Cat

any old kinda day — BUT WITH CATS!!!!!!!! makes everything all better doesnt it?

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Hmmm…  for once I am speechless but really not much to-day except dealing with this ear infection sucks and other such whiny topics as that.   I am going to just start with a song I found and think is funny.  I think this post should be just shit I find funny.  :-P  

Now I went to the Dr for this flipping ear.  Seems to be stopped up and hurts and doctor gave me some ear drops that work.  OMG I used some last week that the dr had given me last year but I must not have used cause there was full bottle in my drawer.  Well, no wonder I did not used the crappy stuff=  I am allergic to neosporin and it has some of the some ingredients == SO I MADE IT WORSE BY USING THOSE FIRST ^&%$&  drops a week ago.  The RIGHT meds were like gold .  $150 for 10 mL bottle ==  so I call it my gold in a bottle for my ear.  Fun- I hate those dang ear drops!!  ok– I got to get over that crap so here is a quick funny vid to lighten your mood –  —  WE ALL KNOW WE LOVE OUR INSANIKITTIES!

Now if that doesn’t make you laugh then

Dogs are friends- Cats are Court Jesters of the animal world! :-D

for real-  if you dont find the kitty vid cute- a bit LONG but you cant stop yourself from laughing at their crazy asses!!!  I love my 4 legged baby Cats.  They arent babies cept to us (me and Charlotte I guess) but damned if they are not spoilt like children for shizzle!)  Here is our first and BIGGEST titty baby in the whole wide world Sir Bastard (Sebastian to the under agers  LOL)  He is the most loving of kitties!!  Bastard Boy is a little bit older than 3 years old and was the first cat I had had in a long time.

Sir. Basterd

I am big ol Baby!!!! cant you tell?

He tries to be all sweet and loving but do not let a picture fool ya….oh well he is SWEET AND LOVING.  I think he is like a witches familiar to ME- he loves me like that….he is extremely loyal!

shall I lick myself or do i hear something that needs my attention????

Oh hi...I am Miss Chance - Basterds shadowWe want OUT we say!!!! OUT OUT DAMN CAT hehe :-)

I just answer to KITTEN ...

what?? I thinks she is so pretty

this is Miss Chance- the BABY of all babies. She is our bottle baby- our kitten forever LOL

The black cat is our baby baby….more on her later- Now I am being ‘rushed’ to bed so I will check ya laters  Peace and May your Good Karma come back to you sevenfold!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             DLB  aka   ☼☢Ħ€££ƑIЯ€☢

Next up: More on MissChancey and the other crew!!!!

Here comes the Sun!!! – and its alright….

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SMACK!!!!!!!! I know 12 people who DESERVE quite a few smacks- and about 50 more who need at least 2 bitch slaps!!

I should be saying something extremely witty at the moment but for now- I am too sleepy for all that yet.  I can’t even bring up any righteous indignation at this time- My brain is mush and I need more coffee —  HELL I need a caffeine IV!  wow- it’s already 10:30 and I am still a zombie  hmmmmmm     maybe I need a Stacker  OR a cattle prob might do it.  OMG too funny- My darlins brother just called and the FIRST thing he asks me is how did I like the verdict.  ROFLMFAO  —  If he weren’t so religiously Christian (though I am not I respect that) I woulda cussed him a blue streak.  I wanted to say YEAH I FRACKING LOVED that that whorey ass baby killing blow up doll got a slap on the wrist.  But I didn’t.  Proud of me   BWAHHAAHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!  I CAN be nice and polite when the situation warrants.  I was taught good manners by my parentals and I know when and where to use them.  I’m  southern woman and I know when to bat my eyes and flirt or get on my soapbox and BEAT hell outta someone. Like Casey A.  OH GOD– I spoke the evil ones name – I promise to TRY to leave that one alone….  New subject – Yeah!!  The sun is out today in full force.  It is going to be a hottie for sure today.   Funny thing we humans are.  I remember when I was a kid/teen that every one was dark as shoe leather from sunning themselves with Dark Tanning Oil and getting in tanning beds that look like coffins.

what the HELL did this bitch do to her skin?? looks like saggy leather body suit! Beef Jerky anyone???

I was the odd girl out- I have a bit of a sun allergy (no – despite the rumors I am NOT I repeat NOT a vampire).  If I get the least bit burned I get ill like I have the flu.  I puke, have chills, get dehydrated, feel in general like immortal HELL.  The sun and me didn’t get along — that is until they began to bring out broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunblock/sunscreen.  Can you hear the Angels singing?????  After years of me being whitey mcwhiterson- glowing like Casper and being envious of  ‘the others’ nice tans we find out the sun is BAD for you.  IT CAUSES wrinkles – not to mention CANCER!  Now I can secretly laugh at all those tan bitches from HS  —  they need Botox – they look years older than me and I can at least have THAT one.  I am fine with being 38 –  I believe I look 28 —  when I dye my hair that is!  Back to the sun.  I can now go out in the sun with my trusty SPF 50-80 sunscreens and NOT get burned.  I use it religiously.  I even use the water babies kind for KIDS delicate skin cause my skin burns so very easy.  I promise I am one of the whitest bitches you will ever meet.  It is the german and black irish in me.  Black hair/Black eyes (you can’t find a pupil unless you shine a light in my eyes) but white ass skin.  Why didn’t I get the 8th or 16th of indian blood in me to give me some color like my mom has?  She looks tan all year round.  So I looked Gothic before gothic was cool.

not me but DAMN she is one hot Goth....

I digress again – like always.  My point is?  Since we got our pool this summer (it is a small above ground quick-set Intex–  big enough for a first pool to see if I could take that much sun exposure AND to see if I could learn to maintain a pool correctly before committing to something bigger)  I have seen more sun that I have in years.  I use that sunblock EVERY time I go out – and I STILL have gotten a bit of a tan.  I look weird-looking in the mirror cause my face is dark.  I am probably the most tan I have been in 30 years.  Well- besides the orangey self tanners but they don’t count.  I laugh like hell at myself – applying tons of sunblock then floating around in the pool and ENJOYING the sun—-  when I get hot I just flip into the pool hehe.  Then back on the float for more tanning through my screen.  Thank you WaterBabies and Coppertone Sport and Banana Boat!!!  I can go out in the sun again with no fear of turning to ash or getting sick and being in bed for days due to sunburn.  So my original thought that I got SOOO far from is that the sun is shining today so I think I am going out to the pool early before the clouds change their minds and keep that sun hidden like it did yesterday!!  Now if only I could make this ear crud go away without having to go to dr.  I would be super fantabulous!!    Ok- time to eat lunch and apply the sunblock!!  Until later, Peace, Love, and may your good Karma come back to you SEVEN FOLD!

TANSTAAFL     DLB  aka     ☼☢Ħ€££ƑIЯ€☢☼

Petition: The U.S Supreme Court: Try Casey Anthony in Federal Court |

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Petition: The U.S Supreme Court: Try Casey Anthony in Federal Court |

TOGETHER maybe we can effect some change!!!!!!!  please sign…it only takes a moment!  just click the link and sign– now was that soooo hard???  Thanks everyone  :-)


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