Pain…. My enemy and long time companion :twisted:

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Pain.  Living daily by my side like a lover for years.  Never leaving me during the good times and even MORE there for me in the bad times.  Should I keep a journal of something so evil yet profound?  Such a looming presence in my life, never knowing to what extent the pain would trouble me that day…. The next….  The next week even.  My body betraying me daily, hourly, every minute.  Pills.  So many damn pills.  They numb and lighten the load…  But the pain is always there, even if just the niggling KNOWLEDGE that yes…. In a few hours if you don’t take another freaking PILL in time then you are fucked.  So when your late with the ever needed pill — The pain laughs as it comes on intensely, gladly sharing its surprising depth and strength.  Until finally the pill that was a few hours forgotten when LIFE was happening…  Finally! that pill begins to take the pain from a 9 to a 4-5, you begin to feel yourself again.  A process that happens daily, 3-4 times a day.   Life as I have known it, way too long …… Even more so in this last year and my grand development of CES.  After yesterday’s EGD omg my throat hurts, and so does my esophagus.  It was narrowed,, had a ring or something — so they used something to fix it, to widen (re gauge it!!) the opening (it tore!)  into my tummy.  Third ring or something of esophagus.  Anyway, that feels so weirdly sore.  I took my new muscle relaxer so nap city here I come!  Peace and Love, Blessed Be and Namastè!! 🙏🙏🙏



I just love this picture of me and Woo.  Another time when the pain takes a backseat and isn’t so profound?   When I am with the ones I love.  My family and my family of friends.  They are so very important for my sanity….  I need and love them all so very much!!  LOVES!! 🔥🔥💖💖🔥🔥💖💖🎆🎆🙏🙏💋💋😁😁💖💖🔥🔥😸😸


Cold to my bones – does the cold make you hurt worse too????

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Well I don’t know if all you other pain sufferers suffer worse in the winters cold like I do -=- and today is a DOOZY.  I live in GA — normally we have highs in the 60’s this time of year.  Today’s high is only 35 degrees.  35 Freaking DEGREES!  Thank the Goddess for a fireplace, and the ability to make a nice toasty fire.  The dry heat helps to warm your bones.  But I SOOOOOO miss our swimming pool.  I honestly can’t wait for next year.  The pool exercise being the only kind I can do – it helped me so much and I lost a little weight.  NOW I can feel me gaining it back and it sucks and I feel much weaker.  The exercise made me feel like I was beating CES – and now I feel like it is winning.  It is hard just doing day-to-day stuff now.  The pool helped to keep my muscles limber and was bringing the feeling back that CES stole from me.  ARRRGHHHH!!!!!  Gonna have to find a new way to cope with this in the winter.  I will not let it win — never shall it win!!!  I mean, hell, before this CES crap took hold in my back I already had enough pain from Spinal Stenosis, Herniated discs and Sciatica.  MRI’s showed the extent of damage and the Neuro wanted to do surgery on me years ago — and I said I could wait.  In March/early April the decision was taken from me in an emergency surgery on my back because of the CES (Cauda Equina Syndrome).  That is a long story for another day…  But for now ~dammit it is cold and I HURT~!  ok I hope your all feeling well and happy.  Feel free to comment your feelings on this subject.  I wont let any of this steal my happiness so everyone just have a blessed day!!  Namaste  ॐDBॐ



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Ok so I came into this show late, but Dammit,  Sons of Anarchy keeps giving me the feels!!  And I can’t stop watching.  LOVE when a show can do that 🙂


Again, A year later I remember my blog?

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so much going on lately…. CES (Cauda Equina Syndrome that I developed in March 2014) has tangled my life into my own personal hell with demons and all — but I will valiantly fight it and my own self everyday to keep me from feeling sorry for myself. THERE IS NO FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF!!!! I can and will beat this — my trip west gave me that knowledge — it was very spiritual!   here is hoping I begin to blog again… I really need it!


every damn day

every damn day

wow — I forgot I have a blog also!

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CRS wow — what other accounts do I have that I have forgotten?  well of course I had it bookmarked but you know – that internets there has lots of de-stractions!  Ok now I am being silly but I wish I would not neglect at least this!  I am going to have to write here more often…  my thoughts about that Jodi Arias trial — wow she really IS crazy, scary crazy.  Those dead eyes…  I swear she must have no soul for real.  Anyways happy Saturday, wake and BAKE!!   Love, Peace and Bacon grease ~~ ℭℭℒ ≥^.^≤ ~~    ॐDBॐ Image

Gov Christie – I dont give a damn

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NJ Gov. Chris Christie- his I dont give a damn little speech on Faux News – watching this made me laugh so hard!  Damn — me LIKE a repub??  The world MUST be coming to an end — or his ass was just FED UP!  Those little puppets at Faux News were horrified by his answer werent they?  They so wanted him to POLITICIZE this horror of a situation and he REFUSED to play their game.  Good on you Chris Christie – GOOD ON YOU!  Obama 2012!!! Use your power and VOTE VOTE VOTE people!!


Testing testing 3-2-1 or is that 1-2-3?

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How about IDGAF???  Just checking to see if this works!!!!!!!!!  Fingers crossed  ॐDBॐ
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